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Content List:Main Page

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The Table of Custom Contents



As of this writing, thousands of creators worldwide have been creating content for Sims 2 for years. There are tons of sites, and gigs upon gigs of files. This means lots of diversity, but makes it very difficult to find what you want. This problem is what this Content List seeks to solve. All of the useful content, divided by theme or function: a usable index of the chaos. This area is also SEARCHABLE - note the search box up above, which will search JUST the Content List (the one on the left searches all of Sims2Wiki).

This list is in no way complete and is constantly under construction and renovation. Presence on this list does not imply that everything here will work together (in fact quite the opposite) so be careful and read up on what you're downloading to make sure it's compatible with your EPs and other hacks or hacked objects you may have. Please note that many sites listed here will require registration to view threads, pictures, or download files. Some have adult content, denoted with (18+) and some items are pay, denoted with ($$$).

Sims2Wiki Lists


Body Shop Content | Animal-Related Objects | Decorative Non-Pets EP Animals | Pets Expansion-Specific Objects | Pet Breeds and more.

Anime and Video Games

Content relating to Final Fantasy, Naruto, Super Mario, and more.

Body Shop Content

Hair | Eyes | Skintones | Makeup | Makeup Texturing Effects | Glasses, Hats, and Other Accessories | Clothing | and more.

Building and Construction

Ceilings | Doors | Fences | Floors | Hacks and Hacked Objects | Construction and Garage | Garden Objects | Plants | Roofs | Stairs | Walls | Windows and more.

Business and Financial

Custom Careers | Business Objects | Hacks and Hacked Objects

Celebrity Sims

Premade sims of celebrities, actors, and musicians.

Character Sims

Premade sims of fictional characters from Disney, Anime, Games, Comics, Books, and more.

Child-Related Objects

Hacks & Hacked Objects | Toys | Furniture and Objects | Sets | Walls and Floors

Corrections, Fixes and Tweaks

Anti-Annoying Behaviour Hacks | Clothing & Hair Fixes | General Bugfixes | Tweaks | Object Fixes | Text Fixes

Crime, Punishment, and Public Service

Body Shop Content | Careers | Lots | Objects | Vehicles | Weapons and more.

Decorating Themes

Beach, Pool, Party, Camping, and Outdoors | Children, Babies, and Kids | Clutter and Functional Home Decor | Farm | Feminine | Gothic | Hunting and Fishing | Masculine | Modern | Sims 1 for Sims 2 | Trashed


Harry Potter | Lord of the Rings | Body Shop Content | Build Mode Content | Lots | Objects | Sims


Decorative Food | Edible Food | Hacks and Hacked Objects

Hacks and Hacked Objects

RightArrow.gif Most Wanted Hacks

Hack Management | Aging and Time | Bon Voyage | Building, Buying, and Lots | Business, Jobs, and Finance | Food | Free Time | Halloween and Horror | Health | Reproduction, Relationships, and Family | Pets | Pictures, Movies, Stories, and Poses | School, College, and University | Seasons and Weather | Sim Stats and Modifications | Supernatural Species | Vices, Violence, and Weapons | Visiting | Miscellaneous Hacks and Hacked Objects

Historical and Ethnic

1900s | African | Asian | Egyptian | Greek and Roman | Gypsy | Hawaiian | Indian | Medieval and Renaissance | Moroccan, Middle Eastern, and Harem | Native American | Pirates | Western and Prairie | Victorian and Regency


Autumn, Fall, Harvest, and Thanksgiving | Christmas | Easter | Halloween and Horror | New Years | St. Patrick's Day | Valentine's Day

Maxis Match

Items that expand Maxis sets, or are in the original game style.

Modular Stair Number Repository

Modular Stairs require a unique script number to work in game.

The Sims 2 Official Archive

EA announced the decommissioning of the official TS2 site at the end of 2012, and it is due to go offline on January 14th 2013. As such, we have decided to host much of the official - not Exchange! - content here, for those who still want or need it.


Body Shop Content | Build Mode Content | Hacks and Hacked Objects | Lots | Objects


Populated | Megahoods | Unpopulated | Subhoods | Terrain Maps

Programs and Utilities

Some nifty programs and utilities to help make simming more fun.


Religions, faith, worship, and churches.


Body Shop Content | Build Mode Content | Custom University Majors | Hacks and Hacked Objects | Lots | Objects


Aliens, H.R. Giger Style, and Predator | Battlestar Galactica | Dr. Who | Dune | Farscape | Firefly and Serenity | The Matrix | Star Trek | Star Wars | Stargate | The X-Files | Other and Miscellaneous


Driveable Nightlife vehicles and decorative vehicles.

Weddings and Marriage

Content relating to weddings and marriage, including clothing and items.


Other Lists


This Content List is brought to you by ModtheSims2, as part of the Sims2Wiki. HystericalParoxysm created and maintains the Content List, with major contributions by -Starbuck- (Notokay7052). Some of the basic layout and many links come from the Lists area on Sims2Community, created by LyricLee and maintained by FalseZen. Thanks also to everyone who helps in the Where Can I Find forum at S2C, and to Delphy for creating and maintaining the Sims2Wiki and for his technical assistance.

Want to Help?

The Content List has been opened to public editing. It has been locked for some time due to various reasons including vandalism, adding/deleting categories, pages, etc.

How to Help

If you would like to help add links to the wiki and/or fix broken links, register a Sims2Wiki username, read up on wiki formatting, and add links according to our organizational format - which is simply:

  • Description of item sorted alphabetically: [link Soandso at Suchandsuch]

When adding pay or adult content:

  • Mark adult content with (18+) - please note that listing purely adult content on the Content List is not allowed - the 18+ marker is for items on sites that may also have adult content.
  • Mark pay items with ($$$)

Please do NOT:

  • Delete anything - categories, sub-categories, pages, pictures, links, etc.
  • Add any new categories or pages - if you feel a new category or page should be created, please use the discussion page and Content List staff will add it if need be.
  • Recommendations - You'll notice some content says ''Recommended''. Do not remove, change, or add any new ones - this is exclusively up to staff to decide.
  • Vandalise or use profanity - do not post any rude comments, put down other people's content, or use vulgar language in any way.
  • Use the Content List for advertising - posting only your own creations or items solely from a site you post at is not allowed.

Please only add quality items. All changes can be rolled back at the sole discretion of the Content List staff. Thank you.

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